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A nonsurgical alternative to face-lifts that uses a special kind of thread that lifts
and tightens sagging skin. Contact us to learn about our product now!


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Hebei Xiduole Technology Co., Ltd, which is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. Since the establishment in 2014, we have been dedicated in the medical aesthetics industry for over 8 years. We offer the most robust PDO threads on the market using innovative press molding technology.

We address quality and safety extremely important, providing high-quality products to physicians, healthcare providers, and patients. Our flag-top PDO, PLLA & PCL Threads, as well as Hyaluronic Acid Essence have gained positive feed backs from customers around the world.

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Safe, Effective PDO Thread Brand

As we age, the body’s collagen production slows down and facial volume begins to decline, contributing to wrinkling, sagging, and other signs of aging. Oldream PDO face lifting threads, aim to help address crepey skin, tighten up a jowl that’s begun to sag, or ease the look of lines and folds on the face, providing a comprehensive rejuvenation of the face and can help your appearance youthful.

  • Safe, proven effective PDO thread;
  • Tested high tension intensity, suitable for facial lifting and tissue fixation;
  • Slow absorption in the human body at a rate of 15%-30% per year hydrolysis, ensuring a longer lifting effect.


Oldream Store

We supply different types of PDO Threads for face lifting, including PDO mono thread, PDO cog
thread, and screw thread for different facial threading procedures including face-lifts and brow-lifts.


Customers love us

With great price, high quality, and effective results, Oldream PDO Threads
have earned numerous good feedback and reviews on Amazon. We offer
the same quality and service at Oldream office website.

The procedure went smoothly
I purchased 20Pcs-29G/38MM screw threads for a few etched in problem areas. These are the first threads I have used. The procedure went smoothly. Not painful to insert, I did not use a numbing medium. I can see results after the first application. I used these in my nasolabial folds, pre-jowels, and vermillion border. I will use these again.
Amazon Buyer
I’ve Done the V lift on both sides
Once your done inserting hold at tip then slowly pull out,threads are in place and you see a difference right away. I will only use this brand, they have mono, Screw and cogs for whatever you are doing. and you cannot beat the price besides you get them very soon. And the most remark able thing is I have done the v lift on both sides of my face with the cogs, and no Bruising…
Amazon Buyer
These threads are amazing
Be Safe, Be clean, if at any time it hurts, your in the wrong vector pull out, and start with a new clean cannula and needle. When your doing it right it will not be painful. I’ve been doing this for some time from all the brands I have used this is the easiest ship the fastest and at a great price these threads are amazing. I highly recommend this brand.
Amzaon Byer


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