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Double Screw PDO Thread

Oldream PDO Double Screw has two strands of smooth PDO threads coiled around a needle for maximized collagen regeneration stimulation. Two separate strands of dissolvable monofilament threads twisted together creates even more curves after insertion for better stimulation of soft tissue formation. It provides a more effective treatment by increasing the threads’ contact area with a subcutaneous flat layer, add more fibrous connective tissues to develop.

Double screw threads are effective for creating volume. By adding extra thread along the needle, each insertion of threads could be more effective compared to single thread insertion. Also ideal for combination treatments with all other Oldream™ threads.

Twin twist PDO thread
Twin twist PDO thread

What can be treated with Double Screws?

  • Double Screw mono threads are often used for general face lifting and volumizing, which helps the patient to attain a more defined jawline and chin.
  • Tear trough, crows feet, nasolabial folds, infraorbital wrinkles, jawline, smoke lines, cheek augmentation.

Sizes Available

The following size options are available in the Double Screw thread range, please contact us for details on which product will best suit your requirements:

NeedleSizeUSPThread (mm)
Size of Oldream PDO Thread Double Screw
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