Oldream PDO Threads

Absorbable PDO Threads for physicians, healthcare providers, and patients.
Effective face threads include mono threads and cog threads that securely hold
the face, jawline, neck, and breasts up to eliminate sagging and wrinkling skin.


The Most Cost-effective PDO Facelift Threads


Rejuvenate, Lift & Smooth With Oldream™ PDO Threads

Lift & tighten sagging skin, neck, and jowls, boost your collagen production, smooth laughter lines around the nose and mouth, and improve acne scars & fine wrinkles with Oldream PDO threads, a minimally invasive alternative to surgical face lifting.

Once inserted, the threads anchor the skin and when pulled back gently, lift it upwards resulting in a fresh, well-rested, and firmer look.

PDO face lifting threads


Top-quality PDO Threads

Oldream threads are manufactured to the highest standards. We use a synthetic biodegradable polymer (polydioxanone) material imported from Korea surgical suture company as raw material.

cog thread type


Advanced Press-molded Technology

Oldream PDO Threads are produced by press moulding technique to minimize the damage to the thread which will slow down the degradability and makes it longer lasting. What’s more, specially designed barbs securely anchor onto the 3D structure of the soft tissue from all directions for an effective and powerful approximation.


Strict Quality Control

Oldream Medical always pays much importance to quality. We have conducted extensive research and testing to provide our customers with threads that provide the strongest tensile strength and little to no failure rate.

After years of research and development, and an in-depth understanding of the beauty sciences, Oldream threads offers the safest, most effective solution possible for both patients and practitioners.


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PDO Smooth Threads

= Volume!

Well known for their excellent ability to create volume by stimulating collagen regeneration and bringing back youthful smooth facial appearances.

PDO Barbed Threads

= Lift & Tighten!

Barbed sutures are ideal for gathering skin (and therefore producing more lifting action) and straight or curved smooth sutures.

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Oldream Medical was established to supply high-quality medical aesthetic products to partners around the world. Our main products are Face & Body lifting PDO threads (Polydioxanone), PCL threads, and HA Dermal Filler.

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What our amazing customers think

Oldream PDO face threads have gained numerous positive feedback from patients and physicians since releasing on the market. Here are some of the real reviews of our customers.

Treatment Areas

lower face threading

Lower Face Lift

A lower face thread lift rejuvenates the bottom third of the face, while contouring the jawline and neck, smoothing deep wrinkles.

cheek midface thread lifting

Cheeks / Mid-Face Lift

Restore volume and plump cheeks. PDO Threads are placed under the skin to stimulate collagen & create new volume to fill out the cheeks.

Foxy Eye Thread Lift

Eye Brow Thread Lift

PDO Threads can create a naturally rejuvenated look with a subtle lift in the brows & slight lift to the corners of the eyes.

Neck therad lift

Neck Lift

PDO Threads are strategically placed to lift, smooth, and tighten sagging skin around the neck and jawline.

Nose Thread Lift

Hiko Nose Lift

PDO Threads help patients to ahieve an sharper and straighter nose bridge, enhance nose tip’s definition without surgery.

PDO thread body lift

Thread Body Lift

PDO Threads provides a less invasive way to lift and rejuvenate the breasts, elbows, knees, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.