pdo molding cog thread

PDO Molding Cog Thread

Molding Cog Threads are molded-type bi-directional barbed threads for general thread lifting procedures for patients with heavier skin tissue. The large size of the cogs and thickness of the thread (USP 2) shows superb lifting & anchoring power compared to conventional cutting-type barbed threads.

Thread of thickness 1.0 formed by incrustations in the form of bi-directional harpoon tip, whose total thickness would be equivalent to a 2, very safe and effective cannula, no risk of bruising, with a post-treatment barely without discomfort. Indicated for very heavy tissues and thick skins, for sensitive patients.

Molding Cog thread types

Two types of Molding Cog Threads

Molding Cogs come in 2 types – V1 and V2 depending upon preference and are bi-directional barbs in opposite directions creating superior strength within tissues.

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Oldream Molding Cog Type threads are made by being pressured into the specially designed molds without damage. In this manner our threads show superior tensile strength and anchoring effect compared to the regular cutting type cog threads.

PDO Molding Cog Thread Sizes

NeedleSizeUSPThread (mm)
Blunt W19G100mm2150mm
Blunt W19G60mm2110mm
Blunt W18G100mm2150mm
Sizes of Oldream™ PDO Molding Cog Thread
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