Thread lift smooth away forehead lines

PDO Multi Threads

Oldream PDO Multi Threads has 24 separate PDO threads attached to a single 23G38mm blunt cannula. This is to maximize the skin volumizing effect by placing multiple PDO smooth threads with a single insertion. While 24 smooth threads closely attached give a wider area of fibrous connective tissues to develop, threads take a longer time for its biodegrading when they are tightly attached.

PDO Threads facelift
PDO Multi Threads 23G38mm
PDO Multi Threads – 23G38mm
Oldream PDO Threads EO Sterilization Package
Oldream PDO Threads EO Sterilization Package

What ares can be treated with PDO Multi Threads 23G38mm?

  • PDO multi threads is suitable for filling deep depressions on the face.
  • Strongly suggested for deep frown lines between eyes.
  • Multi-threads can add volume to temple area, restore collagen, and tighten the skin for the best result in a single treatment.
  • Smooth away forehead lines, Strongly suggested for deep forehead lines, /Temple Augmentation.
  • Can be used along with Oldream Smooth, and use this Multi thread on areas where it needs extra volume.
Oldream PDO Multi Threads
Oldream PDO Multi Threads for Extra Skin Volumizing
NeedleSizeUSPThread (mm)Treat Areas
L Blunt23G38mm6-038mmFrown lines, Temple,
Double chin & Neck
Size of Oldream PDO Multi Threads
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