PDO Smooth Blunt Thread for Eye Care

PDO Smooth Blunt

Oldream PDO Smooth Blunt Thread
Oldream PDO / PCL Smooth Blunt Thread for Eye Lifting

Oldream™ PDO SMOOTH threads use a blunt tip cannula (30G25mm) instead of a sharp needle to minimize the risk of bruising & swelling. This thread is mainly designed to target the areas where the risk of bruising is higher (dark circles under the eye, crow’s feet area, etc.).

eye thread pcl 30g25mm
Oldream PCL Eye Thread 30G-25MM
Mono Screw PDO thread for eye care
Oldream PDO smooth blunt thread for eye care

PDO Smooth Blunt threads for eyes are implanted between the dermis and subcutaneous fat of the skin. With strong pulling force, the sagging tissue is pulled back to repair collagen and stimulate collagen regeneration.

  • The aging around the eyes is manifested in wrinkles at first, and gradually you will find that the fat volume of your eye sockets has also decreased.
  • The PDO threads for eye contour can make your less full eyes rejuvenate.
  • PDO threads can effectively smooth wrinkles around the eyes, guide the skin to regenerate collagen, and last longer.
  • The small PDO mono screw threads will help the eyelid skin to become firmer, and at the same time give a certain lifting effect to the loose eyelid.

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Remove Wrinkles

Improve sagging eyebrows, sagging eye corners, and sagging skin on cheeks and other parts, so that the skin can be tightened, and achieve the dual effect of natural wrinkle removal and lifting

Improving Skin Quality

Protein thread can promote blood circulation, desalinate pigments, whiten skin, promote collagen proliferation, and make skin full and elastic.

NeedleSizeNeedle LengthThread LengthUSPPackage
B Blunt30G25mm25mm30mm6-020pcs/bag
Size of Oldream PDO Smooth Blunt Threads
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