forehead thread lift

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  • Oldream PCL Mono Screw Thread

    PCL Screw Thread – Mono Screw Type for Face Lift Wrinkle Removal – Sharp Needle

    • PCL Screw Thread – PCL Thread lift for Wrinkle Removal – Sharp Needle – Multiple sizes (30G13MM, 30G25MM, 30G38MM, 30G50MM).
    • Non-toxic / Non-pyrogenic / Heavy metal free / Sterilized by E.O. GAS
    • Disposable Device, do not re-sterilize and do not reuse
    • Mono screw PCL threads are mainly used for tighten skin auxiliary lifting, buttock lifting, body tightening breast enlargement!
    • There are 26g, 27g, 29g and 30g with different length from 25mm to 90mm.
    • PCL mono screw threads can be used at areas of lips, face, forehead, neck, abdomen, legs, etc. You can use different length and size according to different areas.
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