Multi Thread

Multi PDO Thread, Also called Bomb Thread, which usually used for forehead lift, and deep wrinkle such as Nasolabial, Glabella, Forehead wrinkles and even neck folds.

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  • PDO multi thread in one needleMultiple thread in one treatment

    PDO Multi Thread for Foreface / Sunken Cheek 23G38MM, L-Type Blunt


    PDO Multi Threads is suitable for filling deep depressions on the face, mainly used for Nasolabial, Glabella lines, Forehead wrinkles and even neck folds. With 24 smooth threads closely attached to create a wider area for fibrous connective tissues, making it ideal to be used on areas that need extra volume, such as enhancing hollow temples.

    • PDO Multi Thread – 24 Lines By One Treatment, L-Type, 20pcs/box (23G38mm)
    • Non-toxic / Non-pyrogenic / Heavy metal free / Sterilized by E.O. GAS
    • Disposable device do not resterilize or reuse
    • PDO Multi Thread has 24 PDO thread attached to a single needle.
    • This special design is aim to maximize the skin volumizing effect by placing multiple PDO smooth threads with a single insertion.