PCL Thread Lift

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    Fish Bone Molding PCL Cog Thread 18G100MM, W-type Blunt

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    PCL Thread Lift – PCL Fishbone Molding Cog Thread 18G100mm Lift for Facial, Bullet model, 20PCs a bag. A hole-breaking needle is needed for burying.

    • PCL Thread Lift – Fishbone molding cog 18G100M. Bullet model, 20PCs per box. A hole-breaking needle is needed.
    • Non-toxic / Non-pyrogenic / Heavy metal free / Sterilized by E.O. GAS
    • Disposable Device, do not re-sterilize and do not reuse
    • PCL molding threads are produced through molding press technique to minimize the damage to the thread which will slow down the degradability and make it lasting longer.
    • Specially designed fishbone cogs enable to fix the skin tighter with powerful lifting effect.
    • PCL molding cog threads are used for lifting of eye brow, cheeks, corner of the mouth, naso-labial fold and neck.